Blind Cord Safety Australia is an independent company focusing on all facets of minimising the risk of strangulation of children by unsecured or loose blind and curtain cords. 


 • Blind and curtain cords are Dangerous

 • In a few minutes of a child being un attended they can be strangled

 • 15 recorded deaths since 2001

• In the US, 1 child per month dies of cord strangulation

• 1 to 2 children per year in Australia die from blind and curtain strangulation

9 children were under the age of 3 years


Take these four simple steps to ensure that blind and curtain cords/chains are out of reach of children, particularly from children under six.

1. Make sure any loose or looped cords are secured—do not leave them hanging down.

2. If possible, remove looped cords by cutting the cord and installing tassels.

3. Some blinds can’t operate properly without looped cords. To keep them out of children’s reach you should secure these cords with either tie-downs (cleats) or tension devices that enclose cords and chain loops.

4. Always fix tie-downs and tension devices firmly to the wall or window-frame to prevent a child from remove them.



ACCC – 4 steps for protecting children;

1. Check your blind & curtain cords

  • Check for loose or looped cords that your child can reach from the floor or by climbing on furniture.
  • Immediately tie the cords out of reach and move away any furniture children might climb on to reach them.
  • Do this anywhere you are staying, including on holidays.

2. Secure your cords out of reach

  • Buy cleats or tensioning devices for securing cords from a hardware store or from your blind and curtain company.
  • Use screws to fix each cleat or tensioning device in a place that is out of reach of children.
  • NEVER, secure these devices with materials that may fail when a load is placed on them, such as double sided tape or glue.

3. Choose safe blinds and curtains

  • Choose safe blinds and curtains which; comply with the national mandatory standard.
  • Have warning labels to remind you of the dangers to children.
  • Provide a way to secure cords/chains so there are no loops or strands that children can reach, or operate without exposed cords/chains.

4. Keep children away from all cords/chains

  • Move anything a young child can sit in, stand or climb on(like cots, highchairs, beds, sofas, tables, chairs and book shelves) away from cords/chains-even those tied around a cleat, as your child may be able to untie them
  • Do not let children play near cords/chains they can reach
  • Never leave children alone in a room with cords/chains they can reach.


• Adhering to the ACCC mandatory standards

• All cleats, warning labels are present on any new blinds being installed

• All customers are informed on child safety with cords, post installation

• All customers are informed on child safety with cords, post installation

• All skilled fitters only


BCSA installation staff can offer a full compliance check on all your blind and curtain cords in your home, or your investment properties


To whom is liable to make sure all blind and curtain cords meet the ACCC standards in investment properties.

• Property Manager  • Landlord  • Tenant

All of the above have an responsibility.

The property manager has to have the knowledge to inform the landlord on their responsibilities of meeting all standards on new blind installs after 2015. BUT, are their blind and curtain cords compliant on blinds installed pre 2015, a child does not know the difference.

There are responsibilities for smoke alarms and pool fencing, so should there be, on blind and curtain cords.


For a compliance check on all homes and investment properties a fee of $99.00 inc GST applies, this includes all work completed to make sure all blind and curtain cords meets the ACCC standards, on blinds and curtains installed post 2015 and pre 2015. This includes the installation of new cleats or blind cord tensioning devices, for all blinds and curtains  in any size home.

Advice is also given the room setup of cots beside windows.


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